Joey McBride

From the little town of Hernando, MS., this guy started his bass playing career out as a teenager.  He played in several bands throughout his younger years and was a member of a well known band in the Memphis area known as "Gabby Johnson".  They developed a large following and played lots of the local casinos and nightclubs.   Joey is no "average joe(y)" on the bass.  He can hang in with the best of players with ease.  But slapping the bass is not his only talent.  He is also a strong vocalist and has a great ear for harmony.  Joey being a little on the techy side just happens to be saavvy with production as well.  He has been put in charge of making the band sound fabulous... and if he fails to do so... well i'm sure they will sound good anyway!  Ok Girls yes he's easy on the eyes, but step back girls, he has a fabulous wife, Jessica and 2 kids, Zander & Cora standing proudly by his side.   Besides family, music has been a big love in Joey's life and he has been with Aces Wild for about 1 year now and he is a perfect fit!
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Paul Summers

The man in the back behind the drums is Paul Summers.  He is a seasoned veteran hailing from ElDorado, AR.  Paul has played with several different bands for years and knows what it takes to make the rhythm section tighter than the three bottom bricks on the empire state building.  Paul also sings several songs in the show and brings stellar back-up harmonies as well.  Paul has been with the band for about 9 years now and is married to Boo-Boo (Melissa) who manages Aces Wild's social media and helps keep all the guys in to trouble...or out of trouble!  Paul brings lots of energy to the show and you don't wanna miss seeing this guys performance live!  There is that occasional drum solo that comes out in the middle of the show that keeps the crowd on their feet and in ahhh of his amazing talent.  Aces Wild wouldn't be Aces Wild without Paul...
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Travis Caudell

Lead Singer & Guitarist

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